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Welcome to Year 4 Oak!

Here you'll be able to find everything you need for Year 4. You will be able to keep up to date with everything going on in Oak class, as well as finding useful information that can be used at home. Please check in every week to see more updates of what we are learning about.

Curriculum Overview:

Curriculum Overview 2019 - 2020

Curriculum Maps:

Curriculum Map - Autumn 2019

Curriculum Map - Spring 2020

Curriculum Map - Summer 2020

Useful Documents:

Year 4 Times Table Rock Stars Information for Parents

The Year 4 Learner - Maths

The Year 4 Learner - English

Year 4 Multiplication Test Information for Parents

Parents Guide to Reading with your ChildBrilliant Book List Year 4


Home Learning:

Year 4 - Home Learning - Week 1

Year 4 - Home Learning - Week 2

Year 4 - Home Learning - Week 3

Maths Week 3 - Dividing 2-digit by 1-digit - Layout guides

Maths Week 3 - Dividing 3-digit by 1-digit - Layout guides



 Year 4 - Home Learning - Week 4

4LS26 Step 1 24 Hour

4LS26 Step 1 Conversion Tarsia

Week 4 Challenge Time questions


Year 4 - Home Learning - Week 5

 Year 4 - Home Learning Week 6

Step 1 Roman Numerals to 20

Step 2 Roman Numerals to 100

Step 3 Reasoning with Roman Numerals


Year 4 - Home Learning Week 7

4LS29 - Step 1 - Negative Numbers

4LS29 - Step 3 - Negative Numbers in context

4LS29 - Step 3 - Negative Numbers Worded Problems


Year 4 - Home Learning Week 8

Maths - 4LS30_step1_comparing_angles

Maths - 4LS30_step1_ordering_angles

Maths - 4LS30_step3_identifying_angles

Science - Activity_Sheet_Science_of_Sound

History - Presentation_-_The_Role_of_Women_in_WW2

RE - Eid-al-fitr_reading-comprehension

French - Draw-the-Weather-Worksheet-French

French - french-weather-fortune-teller


Year 4 Home Learning Week 9

Year 4 Home Learning Week 10 (w/c 15/6/20)

Year 4 Home Learning Week 11 (w/c 22/6/20)

Year 4 Home Learning Week 12 (w/c 29/6/20)

Year 4 Home Learning Week 13 (w/c 6/7/20)

Year 4 Home Learning Week 14 (w/c 13/7/20)

And here's what we've been up to...

Friday 10th July

I can't believe it is the end of the school year! We are so sad that we haven't seen most of you since the end of March, but we have so enjoyed seeing everything that you have been up to at home during this time. We have loved hearing from you and seeing all your photos and videos, thank you so much for making the effort to keep in touch. 

All of the Year 4 team wish all of our children and their families a fantastic, relaxing summer and we can't wait to see you back in school in September. 

Friday 19th June

Many thanks once again for all your emails this week. We are still enjoying seeing what the Year 4s are up to, despite all being in school teaching other children. 

A model of Anne Frank's bookcase by Owen

Models by Zach

String telephone By Joshua W

Friday 12th June

Many thanks once again for all your emails and news this week. Mrs Crowe has enjoyed replying to you all.

We have seen lots of great work on triangles , some fantastic Blitz skylines in Art and lots of you have been enjoying cooking! Well done.

w/c 8th June

How are you all doing Year 4? We have heard from a few of you this week so thank you very much. Some wonderful work still going on at home, have a look at the examples below. 

Mrs Grant and Mrs Lampshire have been working in Nursery and Reception this week. Quite a change from Year 4. Mrs Crowe is working with the key worker children. We are hoping to see you all again soon. 

Poem by Zach

w/c 1st June

So here we are embarking on the last half term of Year 4. We hope you have all enjoyed your half term break and the gorgeous weather. Mrs Grant, Mrs Lampshire and Mrs Crowe are all in school this week teaching the children who are allowed to come in at present. We are missing our fantastic Year 4s but still hope to see you at some point. Thank you for all your emails and photos. Please keep them coming, as they brighten our days. 

w/c 18th May

We've received lots of emails this week, thank you. It sounds like you enjoyed seeing the video the staff put together. We enjoyed making it too!

We've all been busy again, having fun at work and play. 

Message about the shelter from Jesse's mum:

"The shelter is very close and easy to find it’s just inside the entrance to sylvan woods on black fan road/ at the top of Cole green lane. If you walk down the path it’s a few minutes down and on the right hand side. Apparently there is another shelter in those somewhere more hidden!"

Here are some photos of what we've all been up to, including Mrs Grant, Mrs Lampshire and Mrs Crowe. 

Mrs Grant camping out in her garden

Mrs Grant packing food boxes for vulnerable families

Mrs Lampshire and her boys in a fab shelter!

Look at the size of that bubble!

Message from Mrs Crowe:

“I have been spending time in my garden and greenhouse and saw lovely bluebells on one of my daily walks. As part of the VE Day Anniversary I made up an Afternoon Tea box to deliver to my Dad, who is 92. Flour I bought from the Mill at Mill Green came in handy for some baking”.

w/c 11th May

It's now been 7 weeks since we last saw you. We are still hearing from some children via email, but we would like to hear from lots more!

It looks like you have all been enjoying the World War 2 topic immensely. Did you see the VE 75th anniversary celebrations on the TV or the internet? Some of you are lucky enough to have relatives who were alive at the end of the war. My parents were eight or nine on VE day. They remember the street parties and the bonfires that were built to celebrate the end of blackouts.

Here are some pictures of what you've been up to, including some of Jesse's family during the war. Jesse also found an Anderson shelter. I've asked him where it is so we can all go and have a look, if possible. 




w/c 4th May

Thank you to everyone who continues to keep in touch via email. We teachers are missing school too, so it really is lovely to hear from you. 

We've seen some great examples of Home Learning. Well done if you are getting through any of the work on the Home Learning sheets, or if you are managing to read regularly and maybe practise telling the time. 


w/c 27th April

It was lovely to speak to most of the parents of Oak Class this morning. It sounds like everyone is working hard at home, but also enjoying a variety of other activities including baking, gardening and just having fun in the garden. These are just as important!

We've received quite a few emails from children. Everyone seems to be enjoying the new History topic - World War Two and lots of people have sent pictures of their line drawings and their labelled digestive systems. Well done. 


w/c 20th April

Welcome back to the Summer term! We hope you have enjoyed the Easter holidays and have been making the most of the fantastic weather.

What a strange start to the term it is for us all. We have been working hard on your Home Learning sheets and trying to find activities you can do at home in all areas of the curriculum. We do enjoy receiving your emails and seeing what you have been up to, so keep them coming.

Look at what Bobby has done for Art this week. Isn't it colourful?


w/c 30th March

It has been wonderful to hear from lots of you by email last week and this week. We have thoroughly enjoyed seeing what you are all up to. 

Well done if you have managed to do anything on the Home Learning sheet. The most important things you can do are to keep reading every day and to practise your times tables. It's also important to keep fit, healthy and happy and to help your mums and dads wherever possible.

Here are a few examples of work you have sent us. 

w/c 24th February

This week in Maths, some of us were doing some very tricky problem solving. It involved thinking 'outside the box' and not giving up when we found it difficult. Mrs Grant was very impressed with how we tackled the problems.


w/c 10th February

We have been doing amazing work in Science with our Vertebrates and Invertebrates topic. This week we learnt that you can divide vertebrates into five different groups. Last week, we learnt how a backbone makes an animal stronger by building models of a vertebrate and an invertebrate. Can you tell which is which? 

w/c 9th December

In Maths this week we have been doing practical measuring activities. We have been estimating, comparing and measuring mass and capacity. We really enjoyed the hands on activities.

In English, we are writing our own version of the poem 'A Small Dragon'. We hope to finish these early next week.

We are also working hard to try and compete our Roman chariots before the end of term. 

w/c 11th November

Last week and this week, we have been doing some fairly tricky maths, using the bar model. Mrs Grant has been impressed with our perseverance when trying to work out how to do it. 

In English, we have started working on Information Texts and have been doing lots of research on gladiators and the Colosseum, in preparation for writing our own information text. We looked at index pages and put ourselves in alphabetical order in the classroom. 

This week, we have been writing newspaper reports about Boudicca's battle with the Roman army at Watling Street in 61AD. We have been thinking of eye-catching headlines for our reports too. 

In Science, we have been using thermometers and data loggers to measure temperature, in order to answer the question 'At what temperature does ice melt?'. We really enjoyed this practical session.