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Welcome to Year 1 Ash!

Big Sing!



Here you'll be able to find everything you need for Year 1. You will be able to keep up to date with everything going on in Ash class, as well as finding useful information that can be used at home. Please check in every week to see more updates of what we are learning about.


Curriculum Letter:

Summer 2021

Autumn 2021

Useful Documents:

The Year 1 Learner - Maths

The Year 1 Learner - English


Home Learning:

Home Learning - Week 1

Home Learning - Week 2

Home Learning - Week 3

  Home Learning - week 4 


Home Learning - Week 5







Week 9 Home Learning Year 1

Home_Learning - Week 10 - Year 1 - Ash Class

Week 11 Year 1 Home Learning

Week 12 Year 1 Home Learning

Week 13 Year 1 Home learning

 Week 14 Year 1 Home Learning


 Summer Holiday Project   17.7.20

Printable Butterfly ID sheet

A bit of a project for you (if you fancy) over part of the summer. 

The big butterfly count is a U.K wide survey aimed at helping monitor the health of our environment by counting the amount of butterflies we see.  Follow the link above for more info.  You could even make your own I.D sheet by drawing the butterflies and then you could tally next to them in order to practise your maths skills. 

Watching and being part of all your  transformations, from little caterpillars to big butterflies, has been wonderful this year.  I hope you have a fantastic summer.  Thank you for all your hard work.  Be safe and take care.

Kind regards

Mrs Miles

 Story time with Mrs Miles

Links to Mrs Miles stories on youtube:

   The Huge Bag of Worries by Virgina Ironside

 * Link below

And here's what we've been up to...

 Home learning photos...


A big thank you to parents throughout the 'lockdown' period, who have sent in work and continued to support with the children's education - I couldn't have done it without you all!  

Thank you for all your hard work this last week.  In particular, Ava your fairy tale was wonderful - great punctuation, included lots of fairy tale elements and was exceptionally neat.  Avleen, your Charles Darwin work was brilliant too - punctuation for proper nouns a real highlight - well done. 

Enjoy the summer.

Mrs Miles

 The string family

 Numbers to 100

 Place value to 100

 Great scientists and explorers


 Fairy tale blurb

 Great 'fairy tale' elements

 Fab front cover

 Moving to Year 2!

 Differences and similarities

  Transition work

  DT - emoji evaluation

 Detailed evaluation  

 A brilliant weather report - giving those on the TV a real run for their money.  Well done. 

Monday 13th July 2020


And one week to go... you are still really hard at work. It has been great to read your 'Big Bad Wolf' descriptions.  Avleen -  your punctuation, the phonics and the use of description were all brilliant - well done and to all those who sent one in, I enjoyed them very much. 

Climate work, evaluations, detailed mandalas, brass instruments, timelines, wanted posters, fairy tales... Some pictures below of all of this and more. 

Thank you for the continued support in educating your children. 

Mrs Miles

 gorgeous colours

 Butterflies flying free

 Climates and clothes

  Did someone say holiday?

 Brrrrrrr... good for chilly weather

 Cool sunglasses for the sun

 DT - plan through to make

  Designing a Mandala, some detailed patterns

 Life timeline

 The brass family

 Weather report evaluation

 Fairy tales

 What a good Goldilocks

 Fairy tale features

 B.B.W description

 Great punctuation

 Alternative endings

 Poor piggies...

 Call 999!

 Look out!

 Great use of phonics

Monday 6th July 2020

Some lovely photos and updates this week.  Thank you all. 

Even though we've had some rain, there's been sunny smiles had by me from all your hard work!  Ava your weather report video was superb - giving those professionals a real run for their money! 

The shelter work I've been sent was brilliant too.  Good work team. 

Thank you to Dylan for the updates on your butterflies - they are beautiful. 

Hope you are all continuing to stay safe and well.

Kind regards

Mrs Miles


 ooohhh...they're out!

 ordering Goldilocks

 Retelling a fairy tale



 Fairy tale poster

 DT - design for a biscuit

 Biscuit decoration plan - DT

 silhouette collage

 What a great idea for the pony tail!

 Silhouette collages 

 Was it waterproof?

 Getting inside the den

 Den building

 problem solving

 Fractions of time

 Drawing capacity

 comparing fractions - capacity

 comparing capacity

 fractions in capacity

  Road safety

 Safety poster



Monday 29th June 2020

Lovely work sent in last week - thank you. 

It has been great to see the progress of your work over the lockdown period.  Some of you have been really keeping up with every subject, which I know must be tricky and such hard work.  I am incredibly proud of all the work everyone is doing. 

Keep up the good work.

Mrs Miles  

  Where food is from - DT

 Where food comes from

 Getting some tips

 Weather symbols



 Frida inspired collage

 Frida inspired portrait

 Great artists - written work

 Fractions of shape

 Fantastic fraction work


 Hands on fraction work

 Fab fractions

 SMSC - Growing old

 Changes when getting old


 Growing grass

 Butterfly English work


 Ordering the story


 Cloud watching to predict weather



Friday 19th June 2020

We've had all sorts of weather this week.  From sun to thunder & lots of rain, which has been great news for your rain catchers!  I hope the sun returns this weekend and you have fun.  Thank you for all your photos.  It's been brilliant to see your smiles.

Mrs Miles

 Accurate gauge on this rain catcher

 Tape - what a good idea

 A colourful rain maker

 Icebergs and melting

 HUGE iceberg!

 Iceberg written work

 North and South Pole


 Art research - fab spider diagrams

 Shapes in flowers

 looking at responsibility

 Toys old and new - a fluffy Furby


History - Changes in toys

Drawings and labels of toys


 Seasonal drawings

 Problem solving for ICT

 Maths - showing and understanding

 super sharing and dividing

 Clocks and time - what a smile!

 Time - half past and O'clock

 Music - detailed guitar


 Great drawings of instruments

 Instrument families

 Creepy, crawly caterpillars!


 Blue is...

 Pink is ...

 DT - Evaluation of cookies

 Emoji evaluation

 DT - Plan for cookies

 Yummy DT food make

 DT Yummy cookie making


 Yummy cake for Nan - lucky Nan!



Monday 8th June 2020

Wow - what a busy week you have had.  I've loved looking at all your work and have been so impressed.  The Degas work was tricky and the pictures I have had are wonderful - so too were the Maths arrays!  Great job Ash class.  keep up the good work. 

Mrs Miles

 Super sentences

 Maths - Multiplying and dividing

 Maths - Amazing arrays

 Maths  - marvellous money

  Maths - super duper doubling


 Yummy - jam tarts DT make

 Jam tarts plan for DT

 Hoverfly hotels - fab DT

 Well planned DT food make

 Great vocab for music labels

 Instrument drawing and fab phonics for the labels


Science - spring and summer

 Fab seashell

  Buzzy bees

 Great sandcastle

 Linked learning in Geography

 Self assessment

 looking at learning dips

 Accurate sorting of shades in nature

 What a beautiful caterpillar

 Nature inspired art

 Great movement in the arms and legs

 What a graceful dancer!


 Great sharing

 Favourite senses

 Senses poetry


 lots of healthy food

 measuring in cms

 9km bike ride - wow!

 Good use of openers for sentences

 Great texture collage

 Happiness and strength 

 A tea party and smiles

  Rob Biddulph work



22nd May 2020

Hello everyone,

Such fabulous photos again this week.  Thank you for sending them in.  They bring me smiles and it's lovely to see what you've been up to. 

I hope you have a brilliant half term and enjoy the sunshine that is predicted.

I have put up a video link to a story; it's read by me!  I will try and upload some more as soon as I can.

Mrs Miles


 Measuring mass

 U.K countries

 So much learning!

 measuring mass

 Comparing mass

 Brilliant food wheel

 U.K sorting



 maths measuring

 Phonics sounding out

 Estimating capacity

 Great work on the months of the year

 The first hoverfly home - Well done!

 Pineapple guitar!

 A very realistic lighthouse

 Lots of great Maths


 I miss you too!

 Excellent repetitive pattern through printing


 Mastery of fine motor skills


15th May 2020

Another brilliant week of learning... I'm so proud of you all.

Have a fab weekend

Mrs Miles


 Looking at shades in nature

 What accurate shading!

 Money maths


Great attention to shape detail

 A well written evaluation  - well done



 Yes - alight the world with all that you are


 A great mix of colours to choose from 

 Good choice of colours and shapes

 Some great potato prints

 Mind map of the senses

 Patterns in the 5 x table

 Finding patterns in the 10x table 

 Counting in 2's

 Thank you note from a key worker

 Tricky maths

 Reading in the sun

 Nature art

 Ordering coins by value

 Adding money

 Lucky fairies


Colour experiments

 VE day decorations

 Some tasting!

 A detailed senses table

Tricky adding of coins

  Great sorting


 Nature fairy house - wonderful

 Beautiful nature art

 Detailed drawings of the senses

 Rubbings for sense of touch


 Brilliant use of phonics

 Adding up prices in the shop.  Yummy... biscuits





Great sharing - well done...

 Cotton wool as snow - fab idea

 A design of your house - great plan

 Independent maths  - great idea


 Fine motor skills - lots of concentration

 A bit of baking

 A nature picture - well done


 A pen pal friend - brilliant

 Great idea - a shop!

  A mini supermarket...






What a week!  Lots of fabulous work has been sent in.  Thank you.  It has been uplifting to see all your efforts. 

Have a great weekend.

Mrs Miles



 Excellent summary of religions Great magnetic addition

   Fab vein and artery detail

   Finding the difference - well done

   Your responsibilities


 Excellent detail - life size!


 Brilliant recording

  Neat handwriting