Watchlytes Primary

Creativity, Inspiration and Achievement


Head Teacher                                             Mr. Gardiner

Deputy Head Teacher                               Mrs. Brendish

Senior Leadership Team:

Head Teacher                   Mr. Gardiner
Deputy Head Teacher Mrs. Brendish
EYFS Leader  Miss. Viner
KS2 Leader  Miss. Smith
KS1 Leader Mr. Longland


Nursery Willow Mrs. Williams
Reception  Beech Miss Viner
Year 1 Ash Mrs. Miles
Year 2 Birch Mr. Longland
Year 3 Cypress Mrs. Grant
Year 4 Oak Mr. Edwards   
Year 5 Hazel Miss Smith
Year 6 Sycamore Miss Burford

Teaching Assistants:

Nursery Willow Mrs Hall, Ms Marshall and Miss Woodward
Reception  Beech

Mrs Howard 

Mrs  Budworth (am)

Year 1 Ash Mrs Maguire and Mrs Rogers
Year 2 Birch

Miss Thain

Mrs Carter (am)

Year 3 Cypress  Mrs Aquilina
Year 4 Oak Mrs Crowe
Year 5 Hazel Mrs Benabo

Year 6

Sycamore Mrs Perry

SEND Co-ordinator

Mrs L Brendish

Office Staff:

Office Manager Mrs Barker
Admin Assistant Mrs Whatley

Midday Supervisors: 

Mrs Colson

Mrs Fallon

Mrs Hart

Ms Larter

Mrs Maddox

Mrs Maguire

Mrs Elliott

Mrs Suleyman

Miss Thain

Mrs Rogers

Mrs Banu

Mrs Woodward

Mrs Carter

Mrs Johnson

Miss Parratt


 Site Manager

Mr Biba


Mr Wilkins

Mrs Gotobed

Mrs Maddox

Ms Larter