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 Here you will be able to find out everything you need for Reception. You will be able to keep up to date with everything going on in Beech Class, as well as finding useful information that can be used at home. Please check in every week to see more updates of what we are learning. 



Curriculum Overview:

Spring Curriculum Overview

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Home Learning Ideas for the Home Learning Pack

Weekly Activities 13/07/2020

Writing challenge

This week we would like you to continue practising the correct letter formation

Maths Challenge

This week, we would like you to recap common 2d and 3d shapes. Can you describe their properties? How many sides and corners do the 2d shapes have? How many faces, vertices and edges do the 3d shapes have? 

Click on the link below to see a video identifying 3d shapes.

3d Shapes 

 Can you find some 3d shapes around your home? 

PE Challenge - Running

Can you run on the spot? Ask a grown up to shout either "faster" or "slower" at you. Can you listen to them and follow their instructions? Try to find an open area to run in. Can you run without a grown up catching you? Run around an open area. If a grown up shouts "up!" You jump up as high as you can. If they shout "down!" You have to touch the floor. 

Weekly Activities 06/07/2020

Writing challenge

Letter formation - This week we would like you to focus on letter formation. Click on the video below to view the correct formation for each letter of the alphabet.

Letter Formation 

 You can practise forming these letters with a varietry of media. It doesn't have to be pencil and paper. You could choose to paint, use pavement chalk or even use your finger to form letters in a tray of rice. If you would like to use a worksheet, click on the link below for a selection.

Letter Formation Sheets 

 Maths Challenge

How long is a minute? What can you do in 60 seconds? How many times can you jump? How many star jumps can you do? How many times can you write your name? 

PE Challenge

Can you create an obstacle course? How many different obstacles can you include? Can you include jumping, climbing, moving low to the ground? 



Weekly Activities 29/06/2020

Writing challenge

Can you create an observational drawing of a piece of fruit and write a sentence to describe it? What does the fruit look like when it has been cut? Can you write a different description now? 

Maths Challenge

Continue to practise halving. Click on the link below to watch a video.


 Can you cut some shapes in half? make sure you have two equal parts. 

PE Challenge 

Moving along the floor! How many different ways can you do this? You could try rolling, shuffling, sliding on different parts of your body etc.

Weekly Rolling Activities 22/06/2020

Writing challenge

This week, have a go at writng sentences with some describing words in them. Perhaps you could draw an object such as a flower, a favourite toy or a person. How many different describing words can you use to describe your object? 

Maths Challenge - Halving

When something is halved, it is shared into two equal groups. Can you practise halving with some objects at home? Perhaps you could use some toys or some sweets and share them fairly between yourself and an adult so you end up with half each? 

Click on the link below to play an online halving game.


 PE Challenge

 Bunny Jumps! How many can you do in a row? How far can you travel? How high can you jump?

Weekly Activities 15/06/2020

Writing challenge

This week, have a go at putting the following tricky words into some sentences.

the, go, she, he, we, was

Maths Challenge

This week, have a go at doubling numbers. Click on the link below to listen to a fun song to help you remember your doubles to 12. 


 Once you are feeling confident about knowing doubles, have a go at playing this fun game.

Doubles Game 

 PE Challenge


How many different ways can you balance? Which different body parts can you use? How long can you hold your balance for? Can you challenge an adult to beat you?! We would love to see your balances so don't forget to send in any photos to Miss Viner at 

Weekly Activities 08/06/2020

Writing challenge 

Can you have a go at writing instructions? It could be how to wash your hands or how to plant a seed, or even how to make a jam sandwich! It would help to say your instructions out loud to an adult first. Then have a go at writing your instructions in a list. Sound out each word carefully and use a sound mat if you need one. Sound mats can be found on the link below. 

Sound mats 

Maths challenge 

Continue to practise finding one more and one less. Can you write out some number sentences? For example 12 + 1 = 13   12 - 1 = 11

PE challenges for the week - 

Can you run on the spot for one minute without stopping?

Can you hold a press-up position for ten seconds?

Can you throw an object and clap before you catch it?

Can you stand on one leg for more than ten seconds? 

Weekly Activities 01/06/2020

I hope you have all had a fantastic half term and you are enjoying the sunshine! 

This week we challenge you to find one more and one less. 

Click on the link below to play an online game called 'Chopper squad.' You have to find one more and one less with numbers up to twenty. 

Chopper Squad 

There are also a variety of 'one more and one less' activites you could explore from the twinkl website. Click on the link below to have a look.

One more and one less 

 This week, how about sharing the story 'The Colour Monster'? It's a lovely story about a monster who is confused about his emotions. Click on the link below to see an online version. 

The Colour Monster 

 Can you design your own colour monster? Can you label your monster with his colours and emotions? Can you write a sentence to describe how your monster feels? 

 PE challenge for the week - Can you practise bouncing, throwing and catching a ball? 

Weekly Activities 18/05/2020

A lovely week of learning and fun activities Beech Class - well done. Check out the photos of all your friends and what they have been doing.

Have you seen the video message from all the teachers? You should be very proud of Mrs Howard, she made that all by herself (with a little help from Charlotte). She is so clever.

This week we have a few challenges for you to complete.

I Spy Phonics

Use the sheet to read the words and find the pictures. Once you have done this can you make your own at home?

Length Challenge

Last week we challegned you to find objects to order by weight. This week can you complete the length challenge? See if you can find things around your house, garden or out on your walks. Can you find the longest? Can you find the shortest?

Are you ready for the jump challenge?

Follow the instructions on the challenge sheet and see how far and high you can jump. Who is the best Rabbit in your family and who is the best frog? Challenge your grown up too!

Jump Challenge


Weekly Activities 11/05/2020

Another great week of home learning Beech Class. We have had some wonderful pictures sent to us.

This week can you:

Choose 5 letters that you find tricky to write and practise them. Then can you write some words with the letter shapes in?

Writing Challenge

Can you write these captions?

A red rug

The cat and the big fat rat

Get to the top of the hill

Fish and chips on a dish

Now can your adult read one to you and you write it on your own, using the sounds you know?

Maths -

Look at the weight challenge, can you say which is heavier and which is lighter?Now have a look around your home and find different objects that are heavy and light.

Can you find the heaviest?

Can you find the lightest?

Can you order them from heaviest to lightest?

Weight Challenge

Strong Finger ChallengeChoose some of the activities on these cards, can you complete them?

Don't forget to take lots of photos and send them in.

Weekly Activities 04/05/2020

Well done this week Beech Class, there have been some lovely pictures sent to us of the amazing things you have been doing at home.

This week, can you -

Using the Tricky Word mats below

Read the tricky words, see if there is one you do not know, can you learn it? Write it down and stick it up somewhere you can see it. Keep practising it until you know it, then try another one.

Remember to use the tricky word songs we sing

Phase 2 Tricky WordsPhase 3 Tricky Words

Can you write a sentence with a tricky word in it?


Lego Taking Away

 Use any building bricks you have at home to complete the take away challenge cards. Can you make up your own? Can you make it really tricky?

Dough Disco

Can you use some play dough you have at home or make some with your family and complete the dough disco activities? Put on some music and do it  just like Mrs Howard!

Mrs Howards Dough Disco Cards

Play Dough Recipe

Weekly Activities 27/04/2020

Beech Class we have had some lovely photos of what you have been doing this week. It is so nice to see how busy you are.

This week, can you -

Complete these maths challenges

Maths Challenge Cards

Using the letter formation sheet

Practise writing - j, g, q, p, y

Then can you think of some words to write using these letters?

example - jam, pan, yap, got, quiz

Using the mini-beast hunt sheet can you search your garden or your local area on your daily walk for all the mini-beasts? Take some photos if you can.

Mini-Beast Hunt Check List

Peg Race

Using your parents clothes pegs can you see how many pegs you can attach to something in 1 minute. You could use a washing line, clothes dryer, the edge of a blanket or the side of a large cushion. How can you record your time? Can you race someone else in your house?


Weekly Activities 20/04/2020

Hello Beech Class,

Hopefully you had a nice Easter break and are all well rested. Thank you to all who have sent in photos of the lovely activities you have been doing. It is so nice to see, keep them coming.

This week, can you -

Use the 2d shape sheet in your pack to investigate shapes.

We would like you to go on a shape hunt around your house, garden or on your daily walk. Can you see how many 2d shapes you can spot in the environment. Then we would like you to find a way of recording what you have found. This could be using photos, drawings or a tally chart. We look forward to seeing what you found.

Using the letter formation sheet

practise writing i, r, n, m

Then can you write some words using these letters

examples -  run, ran, rim, mum, nut, rat, tin.

PE challenge - click on the PDF and see if you can complete the challenge cards

Gross Motor Skill Activity Cards


Weekly Activities 30/03/2020 -

We hope you have had a good week and you are all keeping safe and well. Please remember to send any work or activities you have done to the class email address.

This Week, can you -

Use the number cards to 9

Choose two number cards and add them together to find a total. You can use objects to help you count. Can you write the number sentence using the correct symbols?

Use the letter formation sheet

practise writing l, t, h, k, b

Remember to send photos of all the different ways you have been practising this.

Can you tell a story using one of your teddies? Get your grown up to write it down and send it in. We look forward to reading them.

Can you complete a Cosmic Kids Yoga on Youtube?

Some wonderful work from week 1




 Weekly Activities 22/03/2020 -

Using the number cards to 20.

Cut them out and muddle them up. Can you order them correctly from 0 - 5,

0 - 10, 0 - 20.

Can you select a number and find the correct amount of objects to match?

Using the Letter Formation Sheet.

Practise writing c, o, a, d, g, q

You can do this in salt on a baking tray, using a paint brush and water on the pavement, using big pens on paper, think of other creative ways you can do this and send them to the Beech Class email address.

Can you help to prepare and cook a meal?

Can you do 10 jumping jacks and 10 hops?

Jolly Phonic Songs

Tricky Word Songs

Phonics Games

Maths Games + More


 What we have been learning?

Week beginning 02.03.2020

Busy superhero fun this week in Reception. We have been very interested in the story of Supertato and his arch nemesis Evil Pea. The children have written speech bubbles for the superheroes they have made or from one of the characters from other stories we have looked at. The weather hasn't been the best but that does not stop the Early Years. We have had an amazing time in the mud!

Well done for such fabulous World Book Day costumes. Everyone looked great and the children really enjoyed talking to each other about who they were.














Week beginning 03.02.2020

After a very informative assembly by Mrs Hopkins the children were very interested in litter and what we can do to stop people littering. They began by making their own posters which they wanted to enter into the competition. They then started to talk about rubbish and where it goes. So this week we have spent our time learning about landfills and how dangerous they are to our environment and what we can do to help.


Home work words to practise:

had, hot, big, bad, hat, hop, back, bit, off, rabbit, fun, gap, gas, got, pop, can, cap, kid, kit, pick, sock, sick, ten, sun, rug, rip, hiss, mess.

shop, ship, shed, shut, chip, chop, chug, rich, much, with, moth, thin, thick, ring, song, king.


Week beginning 27.01.2020

Chinese New Year was a fabulous celebration in Reception. The children were very interested in the story of the how the years got their names. They were excited to find out what year they were born in.

After a lovely week of investigating objects from China, learning about the Chinese Dragon dances and writing a list of ingredients for a stir fry, the children cut up all the vegetables and created a wonderful Chinese banquet to share.

Week beginning 20.1.2020

This week the children have been really interested in Knights, Castles and Kings. A castle has been made in the classroom (Mrs Howard is a master builder with a cardboard box!). The children have created their own suits of armour, shields and even prepared and enjoyed a medieval banquet!












The last few weeks!









Week beginning 03.11.19

The children have settled back in well after half term and have remembered all the class routines. They have been working extremely hard on their phonics and are very excited to be Super Heroes with a real super power.... the power of reading - Super Readers!

Some children have been very busy gardening and finding bugs.

They have also been working hard on strengthening their fingers to help them become Super Writers as well.





Week beginning 14.10.19


This week the children have been learning about vegetables and how they grow. They have investigated the texture and smell of some vegetables and whether they grow underground or on top of the ground. We have also popped our own corn, made our own potato crisps and some very yummy carrot soup. 






















Week beginning 07.10.19

A busy week for Reception. We have helped to plant 2020 bulbs along the field, searched for autumn items in the garden to make pictures, made our very own bread rolls and learnt all about Harvest and why we donate food. 





The children have had a fantastic start to school. They have learnt the routines so well and are lining up and sitting on the carpet like pros! We have painted pictures, made sand castles, ridden bikes, performed shows, completed jigsaws, listened to stories, made new friends, written our names, had lunch and even had our first PE lesson. WOW!... and it's only the first week!