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Welcome to Oak Media, this year we will be exploring how to use our writing and digital skills to bring you news and updates about our learning in Oak Class!


Let's meet our media department:

Maya - Head of Oak Media Website


Iliana - Oak News Presenter


Imarin - Oak News Presenter


Ashley - Oak News Reporter


Melody - Oak News Reporter


Braidon - Oak Media Geography Correspondent


Louie - Oak Media English & Grammar Correspondent


Sedat - History Correspondent




Oak News by Maya 


We enjoy learning Maths, English, Science, Art, History but we also enjoy our lunch and breaks. Year 4 is the smartest, coolest and bravest class ever! People in our class love doing Maths especially when we do column methods and in English when we do our fictional reports (like one about Christmas being cancelled because of evil elves or Father Christmas going on holiday!).


If you read last week’s Oak News and heard about out class novel, I said how it shows courage and thoughtfulness. Everyone in our class in our class shows these too and very importantly respect to one another. Students in Year 4 are kind and funny.



This week we learnt about the Romans and the Celts. In 55BC was the first Roman invasion of Britain, and then another in 54BC. Julius Caesar was emperor, he soon realised that he would need more than two legions (around 12,000 men) to invade Britain and finally conquer it. The Romans stole from the Iceni, one of the Celt tribes.

Prasutagus was the ruler of the Celtic Iceni tribe, his wife was called Boudicca. In 60BC the Romans and Prasutagus agreed that the Romans would be allowed to settle in the South of England. Once Prasutagus died the Romans turned on the Iceni. With no one to protect the tribe, Boudicca was whipped in front of her two daughters.

There was a rebellion by the Celts around 60AD, the Roman governor was sent to North Wales to lead an army. While he was away Boudicca led an attack against the Romans with several other tribes. Her army was called the Britons. Her army managed to destroy Camulodunum (Colchester), the capital of Romans Britain and defeated the Romans 9th (IX) Legion. You can read more about Boudicca below by Sedat, in last weeks stories.

For fun, here is the list of some of the Roman Numerals

I = 1

V = 5

X = 10

XV = 15

XX = 20

XXV = 25

XXX = 30

XXXV = 35

XL = 40

L = 50

LX = 60

LXX = 70

LXXX = 80

XC = 90

C = 100

M = 1000

This week’s Challenge: Can you work out how to write todays date in Roman numerals?



Football Predictions by Bradley

Hi, I’m Bradley and I am going to start previewing and predicting football matches!

This week I predict that Tottenham will draw 2-2 against Chelsea. Timo Werner will score twice for Chelsea and Kane and Son will combine again for their two goals for Spurs!


Arsenal will win 2-1 against Wolves, Aubameyang and Willian will score and for Arsenal and for Wolves Jimenez will score.



Man City v Burnley will be 3-0 to Man City. The scorers will be Raheem Sterling  who will score twice and G. Jesus who will score the other. Kyle Walker will get a yellow card if he plays.



Gerbils by Kara

My gerbils' names are Peter and Nibbler.

Gerbils like to dig.

Gerbils like to live together.

Gerbils eat pumpkin seeds.



Inverted Commas by Louie

This week I am going to explore what inverted commas are!


 Inverted commas are used to indicate direct speech, for example "YAY." In a book if the narrator is tallking inverted commas will not be used but if a character is speaking inverted commas will be used. For example, running down the stairs she said loudly "go, faster,go go go go!”. When I wrote go faster go go go go, I used inverted comma because this is what the character not the narrator is saying.



Favourite Books by Chloe and Lana

Chloe and Lana here! Welcome to our new feature on Oak Media, favourite books!

Lana: Hello Chloe, let’s talk about our favourite books! What is your favourite book?

Chloe: Hi Lana, my favourite book is the Ice Monster by David Walliams. It is my favourite book because it is funny.

Chloe: What is your favourite book?

Lana: I like reading a lot of horror books!

Mr Edwards: Lana, that means you like the genre of horror, genre means the type of something for example there are genres of music, films and books! In the future, Chloe and Lana will be talking more about their favourite books and speaking to other members of the class! When I was in Year 4, 5 and 6 my favourite books were the Indian in the Cupboard series by Lynne Reid Banks.





Welcome to Oak Class by Maya

We are 30 smart little brains ready to learn something new everyday! When we start each day, we always wonder what we are going to learn that day, then when we finish for the day it is like our learning skills have been upgraded. Every day we aim to help, share and be kind to each other. 

Some of the things I have learnt in Oak class recently: column addition and subtraction, that art doesn't need to be perfect and it helps to increase your imagination and should be fun, and that books like our class novel can teach you so much, from determination and courage to kindness and thoughtfulness!

Totsiens (that's Afrikaans for goodbye, I'll be back soon!) 




Oak News - 20.11.2020 click to listen  



Italy by Braidon

Italy is the same shape as a footballer kicking a football. The Leaning Tower of Pisa wasn't supposed to lean but the soil wasn't amazing and it started to lean over. But don't worry, builders have since made the soil stronger so it didn't fall over. It is now a really famous landmark! It leans 4.5m South and is 57m tall.It is over 840 years old and even has a restaurant.

In Italy, they speak Italian and have many famous foods like pizza, pasta and risotto. They call the first course 'primo' and the second course 'secondo'. Italians have eaten pasta since the 4th century. It is the 5th most visited country in the world!




 Compound Nouns by Louie

A compound noun is two nouns put together to make one word, for example: football (foot + ball). A noun is a naming word for things like objects, places and people. More examples are stormtrooper, playstation and pancake!




Romans vs. Celts (Boudicca) by Sedat

The big fight between the Romans and the Celts was one of the most famous in British history. At the time, many people (Celts) were remembered for being very determined whilst trying to defend their country, with the most memorable being their leader, Boudicca. Did you know, Boudicca was actually a very big fan of the Romans when she was young? After the Romans tortured her daughters and stole all of the treasures her dead husband left her, she unsurprisingly changed her mind about them. 

Boudicca decided to crush those "rotten" Romans and become a warrior; she begged many Celts from different tribes to join her army. When this army went into battle against the Romans, there were 120,000 Celts and only 6,000 Romans! The Romans were led by Emperor Nero and you would have thought they had no chance - they were outnumbered 20 to 1. Before the battle, Boudicca and her army had marched to Colchester, Essex, to burn it down. A few days later, they burnt down Londinium (old London) and St. Albans. Not long after, they had their last major battle against the Romans.

During this big battle, thousands died. It didn't go the way Boudicca expected. Around 80,000 Celts died. And the Romans? Well, only 400 Romans were killed. That's a massive difference! In the end, the Celts obviously lost and the Romans won. The Romans controlled Britain for the next 350 years. Boudicca, some believe, drank some poison and died, as she felt so guilty about all the Celts that died. It was a very sad time for the Celts.