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Here you will be able to find everything you need for Nursery. You will be able to keep up to date with everything going on in Willow Class, as well as finding useful information that can be used at home. Please check in every week to see more updates of what we have been learning about.

Curriculum Overview:

Autumn Curriculum Overview

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Nursery Rhymes

Letters and Sounds - Phase 1

I hope you are all safe and well. You are constantly in my thoughts and I am certainly missing our lovely Watchlytes nursery class. If anyone needs support or advice please do not hesitate to contact me via email -

It would be lovely if you could share some of the activities you have been doing at home via our class email too!

Below are some suggestions of activities you might like to try at home. 

Home Learning Ideas 

Week beginning 13.07.20

This week we are continuing with our 'under the sea' topic.

An Octopus has eight legs. Can you find 8 objects around your house? Can you form the number 8? Our number formation rhyme for 8 is.. "Like an s but do not wait, go back up and that makes 8!" 

Click on the link below to view the story 'Sharing a Shell' by Julia Donaldson.

Sharing A Shell 

 There are lots of rhyming words in this book. Can you try to find them with an adult? Can you think of any more rhyming words? 

Could you have a go at creating your own rock pool? 

Week Beginning 06.07.20

This week we are having a focus on 'under the sea.' What can you find out about creatures that live under the sea? 

Click on the link below to view the story 'Octopants.'


 You might like to have a go at making an octopus out of an old toilet roll. Click on the link below to find out how. 


 Click on the link below to practise counting sea creatures with this fun online game.

Underwater Counting 

This week you could have a go at writing your name independently. Can you write it with pencils, pens, paint, chalk? What else could you use to write your name?


Week beginning 22.06.20

I hope you have all had a lovely week. It looks like the sun is coming back next week. How about trying some of these activities suited for warm sunny days. 

Exploring shadows

Can you go outside and find your shadow? Can you make different shapes with your body and create shadow puppets? Discuss with an adult what a shadow is and how it is made. Can you draw around a shadow? Perhaps you could put some toys in the sun and draw around their shadow. 

Creating bubbles

Mix one cup of washing up liquid to two jugs of water to create bubble mixture. You could try using different bubble blowers such as a colander, sieves or a wire hanger bent into different shapes.   

Exploring Ice

Can you create some ice cubes? You could make them different colours using food colouring or squash. How about making cubes with herbs in them or petals from flowers? How do they change in the freezer? What happens to them when they are left in the sun? 


I've been spotting lots of butterflies recently. Can you find some butterflies? How many different types can you spot? One of our favourite books features a very helpful butterfly. Click on the lnk below to listen to the story 'Monkey Puzzle.'

Monkey Puzzle 


Week beginning 15.06.20

I hope you have all had a lovely week and are staying safe and happy.

It's Mrs Williams' birthday on Monday! I will be making birthday cake next week and thought you might like to do the same. Here are the ingredients for the cake I will be making.

4oz butter

4oz caster sugar

2 eggs

4oz self raising flour

There are lots of fantastic learning opportunities in baking - helping to measure out each ingredient, taking turns, mixing and stirring, observing and commenting on the changes that take place to the mixture. And of course it's always fun to eat the cake at the end!

When we practise counting in nursery, we try really hard to take our time and count each item carefully so we dont miss any or count them twice. This week you could try to count some objects (toys, stones, lego bricks etc). Can you line them up and count them slowly? Can you match the amount to a number card? 

One of our favourite books is 'Whatever next!' By Jill Murphy. You can find this story online using the link below. 

Whatever Next 

 Perhaps you can make a rocket? Where would you visit? Who would you meet on the way? What would you need to bring with you? 

If you have any stories you are particularly enjoying at the minute or any achievements you would like to share, I would love to see them. You can email me on

Week beginning 08.06.20

I hope everyone has had a good week. Thank you to those that have sent in emails. Here are some photos to show what nursery have been up to this week. 

As you will know, some of our nursery children have returned to school. This week they have learnt a little about bees! 

Click on the link below to see a short video clip all about bees. 


 I wonder if you could go for a walk and spot some bees? How many can you find? Perhaps you could draw a picture of the bees you saw? 

Bees have a stripey pattern on their bodies. Black, yellow, black yellow. It is a repeating pattern. I wonder if you could create your own repeating pattern this week? It could be with colours or even objects. For example, knife, fork, knife, fork, knife, fork. 

At nursey we enjoy the book 'The Bumble Bear.' Click on the link below to find an online version. 

Bumble Bear 

 What happened to Norman in the story? Why did the bees not want Norman at bee school? How did Norman save the bees? 

Bee starts with the sound b. Can you think of any other objects that start with that sound? For example, ball, biscuit or banana. 

Week beginning 01.06.20

I hope you all had a lovely half term and have been enjoying the sunshine! Please do keep sending photos into our class email. Here are some recent pictures to show what our nursery class have been up to. 

This week you could share the story of 'The Colour Monster.'  It's a lovely story about a monster who is very confused about his emotions. 

The Colour Monster 

 Perhaps you could have a go at drawing your very own colour monster. How does your monster feel? Can you describe your monster to an adult? 

Perhaps you might like to look at some common 2d shapes. circles, squares, rectangles and triangles. Discuss the properties of these shapes - how many sides does it have? How many corners does it have? Could you go on a shape hunt around your home? Can you have a go at drawing these shapes? Perhaps you could have a go at creating a pictures with these shapes? 

As the weather is due to be lovely again this week, how about some water play? Can you find some objects that float and some objects that sink? Perhaps you could put some water in the freezer to see what happens? What happens to the water when you then leave it out in the sun?  





Week beginning 18.05.20

Thanks again to all of you who have been sending in photos to our class email. It really is so lovely to see the children and what they have been up to. Here are a few from last week. Well done Nursery, keep up the good work! 

Filip spotted a goose while out for a walk last week. I wonder if any of you could take a walk and see what kind of wildlife you could spot? What does it look like? Where does it live? Perhaps you could draw a picture of it when you get home? 

Sophie and her sister made their very own story bucket. What a fantastic idea. We know how much you all love using our story buckets at nursery. Perhaps you could choose your favouite story and create your own story bucket?

Here is a photo of the contents of a 'We're going on a bear hunt' story bucket.


 This week you could have a go at ordering numbers. Perhaps an adult could hide some numbers around the house for you. Your challenge is to find them and then put them in the right order. 

Week beginning 11.05.20

We have had lots of fab photos sent in again. It has been lovely to see all the wonderful things you have been doing over the last week. 


I had a lovely chat with Max last week and he gave me a fantastic suggestion of something I could do with my own children. He said to make some fairies and take them into the woods. So we did just that! Perhaps you could have a go at making a fairy or a fairy house this week?


Sofia has been having fun making music in her house. I know how much you all love music and singing at nursery. Perhaps you could have a go at making your own musical instrument this week and sing some of our favourite nursery rhymes? I am sure all of our nursery parents would LOVE for you to sing 'The big fat spider.'

Click on the link below for instructions on how to create your own shaker.

How to make a shaker 

 Maths Challenge...

This week, see if you can write some numbers in different ways. You could...

  • Write numbers with your fingers in glitter, flour or rice.
  • Write numbers on the floor outside with chalk
  • Ask an adult to help you attach paper under a table and write your numbers whilst laying on your back
  • Paint some numbers
  • Use felt tip pens or pencils to write numbers really big and really small
  • Form numbers using playdough 

We love sharing stories at nursery. This week you could chose your favourite story and re-tell it to a member of your family or even to your cuddly toys. 


Week beginning 04.05.20

It has been wonderful to hear from so many parents. We are glad you are enjoying the mini Mrs Williams, Mrs Hall and Miss Budworths we sent home. Here are some photos of some of the wonderful things you have been doing this week. 



Phonics is a key part of learning to read. Please see the document below. It is a parents guide to helping your child learn to read. 

View document a_parents_guide.pdf

 In nursery we focus primarily on phase 1 phonics to get the children attuned to the sounds around them and ready to begin developing oral blending and segmenting (for example hearing that the sounds c,a,t make the word cat and that the word cat can be broken down into the sounds c,a,t). 

The link below will take you to twinkl's website where there is a large selection of phase 1 games which you could play at home. 

Phase 1 Games 

If your child can orally blend and segment and you feel they are ready for phase 2 phonics, please see the link below which contains more information about phase 2 phonics. It is important that children still practise the skills they have learnt in phase 1 phonics.

Phase 2 Information 

Last week, Indi made a fantastic hopscotch in her kitchen. Perhaps you might like to try this at home too? Can you write the numbers in the boxes and shout them out as you land on them? Perhaps you could use it as an aiming game? Can you use the boxes to sort objects according to their colour or size? 

When the children are at nursery they really enjoy cosmic kids yoga. Perhaps you could try this at home? Click on the link below to take you to an example video. 

Cosmic Kids Yoga 

 Ewan has been enjoying the story 'Zog' by Julia Donaldson. Perhaps you might like it too? 


Can you create a dragon from any resources you have at home? Could you make it out of playdough? Can you have a go at drawing a dragon? What does your dragon look like? What can he/she do? Where does your dragon live? 


Week beginning 27.04.20

It has been so lovely to hear from some of our nursery families and see how busy you have all been. I've attached some photos below to share some of your wonderful ideas and activities. 

This week you might like to try...

Reading the story 'Owl babies.' If you don't have the book at home, here is a link to an online version. 

Owl babies 

 There are three baby owls in the story. Mrs Williams has been on the hunt for groups of three objects in her house. Can you find groups of three objects in your house too? 

Did you know birds have to weave to make their nests? How about trying a weaving activity? You could do this using a range of materials - paper, ribbons, wool, pipe cleaners etc. You could weave in and out of card, a wire rack, banisters etc. 

How about making a bird feeder with cheerios? 

Could you create a baby owl with any materials you have at home? 

Week beginning 20.04.20

Practise number formation. The children have learnt rhymes to help them with their number formation. The rhymes can be found on the link below...

Number formation 

Perhaps the children would like to listen to one of Mrs Williams' favourite books? Click on the link below to see the author Oliver Jeffers reading his book 'Stuck.' 

Afterwards, you could discuss what happened in the story. How would you have got the kite down? What do you think will happen to all those objects in the tree now? Perhaps you could explore some of Oliver Jeffers other books. 

Stuck by Oliver Jeffers 

How about making some delicious biscuits? Encourage your child to help measure out the ingredients. Baking gives children the opportunity to develop and use both hands together in a coordinated way. Let them explore the dough, roll it out and flatten it with their hands. Discuss the changes that have taken place to the dough before and after it entered the oven. 

Please see a suggested recipe below. 


What have we been learning?

Week beginning 09.03.20

This week we have been learning through dinosaur themed activities. The children learnt how dinosaurs are discovered and created their own dinosaur skeleton pictures. We also created dinosaur nests using salt dough and other materials such as sticks, stones, grass and leaves. As it was science week, we also carried out our own experiment and created an erupting volcano! 

Week beginning 02.03.20

This week we celebrated world book day. The children came in dressed as their favourite book characters and everyone looked fantastic. The children helped to act out the story of The Three Little Pigs. We were very happy to have so many parents join us for our coffee morning on Friday. Our focus was developing fine motor skills. 



Week beginning 24.02.20

This week the children helped to make some pancakes. They practised flipping their pancakes in a frying pan and chose a range of fillings including strawberries, blueberries, lemon juice and syrup! Some of the children showed an interest in Miss Budworth's fruit so we have started looking into a range of fruits, using the book Handa's surprise. They have been exploring the feel and taste of fruits such as pineapple, mango, passion fruit, kiwi and oranges.

Week beginning 10.02.20

This week we have been reading 'The Gingerbread Man.' The children have shown a  huge interest in this traditional tale since having the puppets out at our recent parent coffee morning. We have acted out the story, played various chasing games, moved like different animals and of course made some delicious gingerbread men! We are looking forward to inviting our parents in again on Friday for some Valentines day craft activities.

Week beginning 03.02.20

The highlight of our week was definitely our visit from some police officers. The children learnt how the police can help to keep them safe. They also had the opportunity to explore a huge police van, try on some police hats and even get locked in a cell! A huge thanks to one of our parents who helped to organise this for us. We have also been learning about the number six and all the different ways it can be represented.










Week beginning 27.01.20

This week we have been enjoying our new police station role-play area. The children particlarly enjoyed becoming detectives, searching for stolen numbers using a special UV light and invisible ink! A huge thank you to all our parents who were able to attend our coffee morning. Our focus was 'supporting early reading.' The children loved sharing their favourite stories and our story buckets with you.


Week beginning 20.01.20

This week we have been learning the story of Chinese new year. The children have had a go at creating lanterns, chinese writing, dragon dancing and they are looking forward to making and eating some Chinese food on Friday!


Week beginning 13.01.20

This week the children were amazed to find dinosaur eggs in our class. They watched them eagerly throughout the week and then were shocked to find they had hatched and made a huge mess of our classroom! They had a go at making  dinosaurs with playdough, used dinosaur footprints to help develop counting skills and even used 2d shapes to create their own dinosaurs. We also created our own mark making masterpiece with huge zigzags and spirals.  

Week beginning 6.01.20

The nursery class have settled well after their Christmas break and have been so excited to share stories of their Christmas adventures. We have been delighted to welcome four new children and we are also very happy to have Miss Budworth joining our nursery team.

Week beginning 9.12.19

This week our nursery and reception children put on a fantastic performance of their nativity - 'Noisy Nativity.' The children were amazing. They have worked so hard to learn their songs and lines and they have made their teachers and parents very proud!

Week beginning 25.11.19

This week we have been in the hall practising for our nativity performance. The children are doing a fantastic job learning their songs. On Friday we welcomed our parents and carers into nursery for a special Christmas craft morning. The children enjoyed making Christmas decorations, Christmas cards and special Christmas biscuits! A huge thank you again to everyone that came and helped to make it such a successful morning for the children.


Week beginning 18.11.19

This week nursery have enjoyed getting the apparatus out in the hall. They have practised moving in a variety of ways, including balancing, sliding, climbing and jumping. We have been reading 'Duckie's Ducklings' and have used the book to support the children's counting skills and use of positional language.

















Week beginning 11.11.19

We started off the week with Nursery's first ever assembly for Remembrance Day. All the staff were so proud of them for how they sat so nicely. Mr Gardiner even gave them a special certificate!

This week the children particularly enjoyed making bird feeders for our garden. We have been lucky enough to spot some birds eating them!

On Friday we enjoyed dressing up in our pyjamas for Children in Need and making 'Pudsy' ears! A huge thanks to everyone who came to our coffee morning. It's always lovely to see so many parents.


Week beginning 4.11.19

This week we have been talking about fireworks. The nursery children have created some beautiful firework pictures using a range of media. There has been a huge interest in the musical instruments outside - the children have enjoyed putting on shows for the staff. The weather turned colder on Friday and the children loved exploring the ice outside and the different ways it could be broken.



Week beginning 14.10.19

This week we have been exploring pumpkins. The nursery children have enjoyed scooping out the seeds and feeling the different textures. We have practised our mark making skills by writing on the pumpkins with whiteboard pens.The children enjoyed tapping nails into the pumpkins with real hammers to make them look like hedgehogs! Finally we made some delicious pumpkin soup!