Watchlytes Primary

Creativity, Inspiration and Achievement

Vision and Values

Our Mission Statement

Our mission statement underpins everything we do at Watchlytes. All members of our school community endeavour to ensure our children receive the best possible start in life through:

“Creativity, Inspiration and Achievement” 

Our Vision

At Watchlytes School we foster a caring, positive, challenging and stimulating environment that encourages all children to grow as individuals and to achieve their full potential.  Our core values of honesty, thoughtfulness, respect, determination, courage and inclusion underpin everything we do and that we expect from our school community alongside the British Values that shape our society. 

Our aim:

We aim to inspire all children, regardless of any barriers to learning, to develop a love of learning and to become confident individuals. We endeavour to ignite their natural curiosity, ensuring they become successful learners who are able to recognise and celebrate success as well as showing resilience to embrace the challenges of life. We seek to be inclusive in our approach, to teach children to make courageous decisions and to have high aspirations for their future impact on the world.

We have high expectations of each member of our school community, believing everyone is responsible for their own growth and, collectively, that of the school.

We embrace the challenge of preparing children for their place in a constantly evolving world. We aim to develop responsible citizens who are well equipped to welcome this challenge, with enquiring and creative minds and the ability to work collaboratively with others. We encourage our children to have a voice: to think independently and to question the world around them.

 Our Values

At Watchlytes School we have six shared values: