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Remote Education Provision - Information for Parents

Latest DFE Guidance and Support for Parents

Resources and Support for Parents

DFE Information For Parents and Carers

Supporting Children 2 to 4 in their learning

Supporting children in primary school in their learning

Supporting children with SEND in their learning

Hamilton Home Learning

Learning Packs

Oak National Academy Online Learning

Online Lessons

Time Capsule booklet


BBC Bitesize

BBC Bitesize

Daily Lessons

Discovery Education - Espresso 

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Daily PE Workout Session

Use the link below to follow 'Joe Wicks' daily PE workout sessions o keep you all active.

The Body Workout - Joe Wicks


Clicker 8 - At the heart of Clicker sits a child-friendly word processor. Watch your child/ren confidently tackle writing tasks with help from Clicker’s realistic speech feedback, talking spell checker and word predictor.

Follow the link below and download Clicker onto your device. Use the following serial number: 84TEQ LAD9R PPM8Y 0QXR0

Clicker 8 Download

Use the tutorials below to help get the best from Clicker 8!

Clicker 8 User Tutorials

Scholastic Packs


Finger Puppets


Book Report

Year 3 & 4

Book Report Cake Fractions Create a Superhero Maths Hundred Club Reading Comprehension Maths Arithmetic Test (Year 3)  

Year 5 & 6

Book Report Maths Hundred Club Reading Activities Roman Numerals Reading Test (Year 6)

Classroom Secrets - Home Learning Packs

We appreciate that keeping children engaged in their learning whilst at home is not going to be easy. Below you will find a wealth of perfectly matched resources for your child that can be completed both independently or with adult support. For further learning and engaging content, there is a selection of teaching videos on Classroom Secrets Kids designed to help you as a parent and your child.

Classroom Secrets Kids


Read a story and talk about the characters
Practise phonics as often as you can
Practise counting
Talking about shapes and finding some in the home
Letter and number formation
Interact and play games

EYFS Home Learning Pack

Year 1

Find objects around your home and use your phonics to label them.
Read a book everyday and write a sentence about what happened in the story, remembering to include capital letter and full stops.
Collect 10 pairs of socks, use them to practise counting in 2s
Get a pile of your favourite toys or Lego, group them into tens an ones and count how many you have
Get some seeds and plant them, record how high your plant grows each day.

Year 1 Home Learning Pack Year 1 Practical Ideas Year 1 - Guidance and Answers

 Year 2

Read everyday
Write book reviews for the books you finish
Keep a diary
Practise spellings from the Y1/2 words list and put them into sentences
Practise 2, 5 and 10 times tables
Complete calculations using all four operations (+, -, x and ÷)
Measure objects around your home and record the lengths
Go on a 3D shape hunt, write the names of all the shapes you find, then make a table and record the number of faces, edges and vertices for each object.
Collect some coins from your money box, list the coins you have and find the total amount. Try to make the same amount using different coins.

Year 2 Home Learning Pack Year 2 Practical Ideas Year 2 - Guidance and Answers

Year 3

Recall 3, 4 and 8 multiplications
Use everyday objects to write fractions
Compare, order, add and subtract fractions with the same denominators
Measure objects around the house using a ruler and record in mm and cm
Baking is a perfect way to measure mass and capacity
Tell and write the time in 24 hour and analogue - do this at certain times of the day. Ask your children to help create a timetable
Draw 2D shapes and use a ruler to measure and calculate perimeters
Add and subtract money using both pounds and pence
Ensure your child reads every day ask your child to give you a recount of what they have read
Ask your children to keep a diary and include:
Conjunctions, adverbs and prepositions to make sentences longer
Speech in sentences
Practise the Y3/4 spelling words

Year 3 Home Learning Pack Year 3 Practical Ideas Year 3 - Guidance and Answers

Year 4

Read every day. Ask questions about what might happen next
Write a book review
Practise timetables
Practise spellings
Encourage addition and subtraction using money. How much change?
Use everyday objects to practise fractions - how much pizza have you eaten? What fraction of the socks are blue? What fraction of the cars you can see are red?
Make a plan to decorate a room and measure the perimeter
Write an explanation text about your hobby

Year 4 Home Learning Pack Year 4 Practical Ideas Year 4 - Guidance and Answers

Year 5 

Read lots of different types of texts and discuss them
Estimate the area and perimeter of the rooms in your house
Write a story including direct speech and parenthesis
Create different fractions using everyday objects, then record and compare them
Practise Y5/6 spelling words
Recap specific grammatical terminology
Practise multiplying 4 digit numbers by 1 or 2 digit numbers
Practise dividing 4 digit numbers by a 1 digit numbers
Read, write, order and compare decimals, for example money
Practise spellings from the Y5/6 word list and put them in sentences

Year 5 Home Learning Pack Year 5 Practical Ideas Year 5 - Guidance and Answers

Year 6

Recap specific grammatical terminology
Practise spellings from the Y5/6 word list and put them in sentences
Read lots of different types of texts and discuss them
Practise calculating using all 4 written methods of calculation (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division)
Explore equivalences between fractions, decimals and percentages
Practise calculations using fractions and decimals
Find fractions and percentages of amounts

Year 6 Home Learning Pack Year 6 Practical Ideas Year 6 - Guidance and Answers


Phonics Play

Online Reading Links

Top Tips Reading with your child at Home

Book Trust

Teach your monster to read 

Oxford Owl

Help your child with Reading


Choose a spelling rule then choose to either practise the spelling or take a test with those words. All words are read aloud (make sure your sound is turned up) and provided within a sentence for context. Click the link below to have a go!

Spelling Frame

Spelling Lists

100 High Frequency Words

200 High Frequency Words

Year 1 and 2 Statutory Spelling List

Year 3 and 4 Statutory Spelling List

Year 5 and 6 Statutory Spelling List

Common Exception Words - Year 1 and 2

Common Exception Words - Year 3 and 4

Common Exception Words - Year 5 and 6

PE Links 

Premier Education

  Premier Education have launched a brand new YouTube channel where they will be releasing a new video each day at 3.30 pm. The idea is that this can act as an after school home learning activity and replace the exercise children would normally get during their extra-curricular clubs if they were at school. Sessions will focus on activities including dance, football, fitness, gymnastics, basketball, tennis and yoga and more.

Premier Education - YouTube 

Other ideas

Active Homework Exercise

PE Home Challenges

KS1 PE Challenges

Year 3 & 4 PE Home Challenges

Year 5 & 6 PE Home Challenges

PE At Home

Fun, healthy activities for children and the whole family.

Click the link below to view the plans on Google Drive. There you can click on the plans to view or download them. There are huge range of activities with video workshops. 

PE At Home

Go Noodle

Twinkl for Parents

Twinkl for parents

Activity Booklets

Activity Booklets

Other Ideas

30 Day Lego Challenge

Zoo Live Streams

Virtual Museum Tours 

Elmer - The Patchwork Elephant - Art Project

Elmer Patchwork Elephant


Code Camp       Code Camp World

Code Camp teach children (age 7-12) to code during the holidays and in after school clubs throughout the UK! They have scrapped their normal subscription fees and are offering free access to our online coding software Code Camp World. Children can learn to code online with step by step instructions on how to build a selection of apps/games! We're keen to keep the kids coding at home whilst having loads of fun!

Also have a look at Code Camp. They are working on setting up some virtual coding sessions.


Wind in the Willows West End Streaming

Indoor Fun Activities

32 Fun and Creative DIY Indoor Activities Your Kids Will Love!

Indoor Activities