Watchlytes Primary

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Headteacher's Challenge

Every week a challenge will be set by Mr Gardiner. 

Mr Gardiner loves to see that you understand his challenges and that you've put lots of thought and effort into completing them.  If you find it quite tricky you can ask your parent or carer to help you too. Email a picture to the school office of the completed challenge. 

 We will display a selection of entries for every challenge below.


 Week Beginning: 08.02.2021

Can you take a photograph of anything that shows patterns around us? This can be naturally occurring or man-made but humans cannot appear in your picture.

Aiden M - Nursery


 Libby M - Nursery

Indi K - Nursery

Henri K - Reception

Mason H - Reception

Jessica G - Reception

Olivia N - Year 1


Dylan M - Year 2

Isabella G - Year 2

Owen H - Year 5

Natalie E - Year 5


Week Beginning: 01.02.2021

Have a go at writing a story using this opening sentence… ‘I opened the curtains and saw…’


Libby M - Nursery

I opened up the curtains and saw.... Birdies, clouds and sun!


Freddie H - Reception


Jessica G - Reception

I opened up the curtains and saw,

The grass wasn't green anymore,

It was white and covered in snow,

My sister Bella told me of somewhere to go,

A new hiding place behind the shed,

Where I saw a huge spider and he was missing a leg!

We ran inside to tell mummy,

She told us to leave him and play instead,

So we made a big snowman with a giant head!


Kacper N - Reception

I opened up the curtain and saw...

A cat walking around the empty street,

Empty cars with no one in,

A rat running under the cars with it's twin,

Deserted side walks with no humans,

Newsmen on the television talking about random things,

I miss my school friends and my teachers.


Mason B – Reception

I opened up the curtains and I saw a world like I had never seen before.

Where are my friends when will this end I can’t wait to be with everyone again.

I opened up the curtains and I saw the world was back to normal just like before.


Madeline M - Reception

A monster, who was nice. He was black with no shoes and he had loads of eyes. He was playing in the snow throwing snow at people. They were having so much fun! I wanted to go and have fun so I threw snowballs with the monster.


Adam B - Year 2

I opened up the curtains and saw…

My little cat Sooty I adore.

He was sitting under a tree.

He was looking straight at me.

Then rain started falling down.

Sooty started to frown.

This little fur-ball just wanted to play!

Running and chasing leaves all day!


 Isabella G - Year 2


Isabelle M - Year 2

A unicorn with a rainbow horn, and pretty pink hair.

It was flying by my bedroom window leaving fairy dust for me.

So I opened my window and jumped onto the back of the unicorn.

We started flying in the sky and climbed a rainbow.

It was time to go home so the unicorn took me back to my bedroom window.

I said goodbye and closed my curtains.

I will never forget that unicorn.


Justin K - Year 3

I opened up the curtains and saw… A house


Talal K - Year 3

I opened up the curtains and saw... there was a cat sitting on the fence, in the bright winter sun, I smiled at her and say hello, she opened her eyes and said meow!


Kai K –Year 3

I opened up the curtains and saw poor people struggling from covid just hoping it would stop but its never going to hop away any time today.

They all cough very loud that the whole crowd could hear next there comes a tear from there eyes while eating there last bit of pie.


Freya W - Year 3

My garden covered in snow! It looked so different, it was like someone chucked a pure white blanket over it. I quickly got changed and went downstairs “WAFFLES PLEASE!” I shouted to my mum, because they’re my favourites. While my mum made them, I rushed to get my coat on. But I’d forgotten something... MY GLOVES! After sprinting to get them on it was waffle time “MMMMMMMMMMMM  Yummmmy” Then I ran outside and after an hour of hard work I finally finished my snow family! There was a mum and dad with two children, one was a girl the other was a boy and they even had a little snow puppy! The snow puppy was adorable! Finally I came inside and my brother gave me a mug of warm hot chocolate and marshmallows with my favourite lunch, yum! It was the best morning EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Louie MH - Year 4

I opened the curtains and saw... everything was black and i heard a bang i was floating in space. So was everyone else i saw floating cars, shoes, burgers, TV's and even houses. Then my ears were ringing an everything was white i was back in my room.


Tyler G - Year 4

I opened up the curtains and saw... The same as everyday, It's becoming a bore, No leaves on the trees, a few birds but no bees, No friends to play with and no teachers roaming, Just the sound of my mum moaning, "Tidy your room, brush your teeth, Hurry up Tyler I've got lessons to teach" When will this finish, when will this end home work is done now, Just press send. 


Lana W - Year 4

I opened up the curtains and saw a amazing world waiting to be explored.


Calleigh C - Year 5

I opened up the curtains and I saw..

a big dinosaur about to roar,

goblins bashing head to head,

the moon setting,

flowers blooming,

little frogs jumping on beds,

snakes slithering,

birds humming,

rain falling and Jeff the dinosaur biting at it all.


Ruth M - Year 5

I opened up the curtains and saw.. The school wasn't this empty before, An empty car park with no hello's from all around, And all around, there is barely a sound We all miss the fun, we all miss the noise, With only a handful of girls and boys, The school seems soo small, And for sure its missing us all!


Eleanor M - Year 5

I opened up the curtains and saw

The world was not as it was before

All through my street

It had started to sleet in the middle of summer

I must be dumber than everyone it seems like a dream

Come on I mean It is not cold

But the weather was untold


Natalie E - Year 5

I opened up the curtains and saw... The world didn't look like it did before. The streets had fewer walking feet, Nobody was able to meet. "2 Meters!" said the prime minister who was unhappy, For the NHS, some go out clapping. A rainbow up at every house, Most schools are quiet as a mouse. Face masks worn, Happiness torn. And then there is us feeling glum,  Missing everyone! 


Owen H - Year 5


Nyla A – Year 5

I opened up the curtains and saw,

A rainy day like the day before,

I can't wait for the birds to sing,

I can't wait for a new warm Spring,

I want to see all of my friends,

I can't wait until Winter ends,

We'll soon be together, having fun,

Running around in the hot summer sun. 


Hayden - Year 5

I opened up the curtains and saw a football match on the field outside my window. I love football, so I quickly got my clothes on and ate my breakfast so I could to go watch the football match. Sounds simple, right? However as soon as I ran out the door and saw IT’S MY FOOTBALL MATCH! Panic time! I zoomed back into my bedroom, put my kit on in record time. Then I sprinted down stairs, ramming the door open, going over the speed limit to the pitch. My coach says “You’re a tiny bit late Hayden.” But I’m more bothered by the sound of a high pitch whistle as I realised Nooooooooooooo! THE MATCH HAD ALREADY FINISHED!


Joshua W – Year 5

I opened the curtains and saw a fabulous place where everyone was being nice and caring and never argued it smelt so fresh.

You could hear the peace and quiet humming from the birds outside.

It was such a magnificent day. It was on the weekend so I did whatever I wanted with my friends: I played football then I pizza and lifted weights that was the best day ever.


Olivia D – Year 6

I opened up the curtains and saw,

A park like none other before.

Empty and quiet, abandoned once more.

Still and unheard, the leaves fly like a bird, on the crisp cold wind.

Trees tower above, clouds white like a dove as the sun sets beyond the horizon.  


Tawana M – Year 6

I opened the curtains and saw...the quiet roads silence was all you could hear no screaming. just silence that filled the air. but a car drove past quite quite fast. still there was silence.


TillieRose H – Year 6

I opened up the curteins and saw, a mitrey rose thats red and white. i got hand saniters and then i took it in my house and read a note at my door step. it said...


Isabella H - Year 6

I opened up the curtains and saw... not many people, barely any noise, a half empty car park, a half empty playground and not many smiles.



 Week Beginning: 25.01.2021

What can you create from a dot?

Isabella G - Year 2


Amy G - Year 2

Libby - Nursery 

 Week Beginning: 18.01.2021

 A poster to illustrate the importance of washing hands. Well done to those who sent in a poster.

Bella A - Year 4

 Washing Hands


Isabella G - Year 2

Luca P - Year 4